About our Logo and Name

Our Logo and Name are symbols that represent #CongoExcellence’s vision not only for the Congo as a country but also its people.

Many might wonder why the name of our organization has a hashtag. Here is why: The hashtag is known within this generation as a symbol to indicate a movement such as #BlackExcellence, #BringBackOurGirls and #MeToo. These movements and many others have been centered on pushing societies across the world to achieve better standards across different social, cultural, political, environmental and economic structures that make the fabric of humanity. For #CongoExcellence, the hashtag is an indication that we are a movement based on the core mission of pursuing Congolese Excellence and impacting Congo positively. Furthermore, by using the hashtag we wish to communicate that our work, our movement, our vision transcends across the technological and physical world, thus integrating these worlds to produce outcomes that take us further together.

Why Excellence? Inspired by the #BlackExcellence movement, a movement applauding and encouraging black individuals who through their activities bring pride to their communities, #CongoExcellence seeks to facilitate similar experiences within the wider Congolese community. The organization recognizes the potential of today’s youth in positively contributing and transforming societies. Therefore, #CongoExcellence aims at offering opportunities to every Congolese -whether they are in Beijing, Brussels, Kaziba, Atlanta, Sydney, Vancouver, N’jili, Abidjan, or the countless other places- no matter their socio-economic status, is given the opportunity to contribute to Congo’s Excellence in all sectors of society.

Our logo incorporates the colors of the Congolese flag, showing our attachement and shared vision for Congo and what the country stands for.The color blue stands for peace. We decided to show the importance of peace through the interconnectedness and unity of Congolese. Peace is also a core ingredient to achieve sustainable development and growth in the country. Red represents the blood of the martyrs and also those who continue and who are willing to sacrifice for the Congo. A symbol of braveness and courage to persist on the journey for Congo’s advancement. Yellow stands for the wealth of the Nation. For us this does not only refer to the wealth in terms of natural resources but also the wealth the country has within its people, and the wealth each and every Congolese has to share and contribute to the development of the country.

Welcome to #CongoExcellence…