Congolese Excellence – What Motivates Us

In February 2018, I formed #CongoExcellence, because I saw the potential of my generation both at home and in the diaspora to transform the Congo. A transformation that can only happen through entrepreneurship, through the creation of employment, through education and consultation, through being united as a people, because we can accomplish more when we are connected. 

It is Summits like the Congolese Diaspora Impact Summit that validate why I formed #CongoExcellence and it inspires and motivates our work at #CongoExcellence. Witnessing greatness, potential, excitement, curiosity, willingness, purpose and Congolese excellence during the Summit in New York was a testament to what the Congolese Diaspora can and will contribute to Congo realising its potential. Congratulations again to the founders and organizers Jim N. Ngokwey, Lukogho Kasomo and Laura Kupe  for creating a platform where Congolese can gather to discuss Congolese affairs and for planting a seed of motivation in us attendees to do more. Equally, the stories of Yannick Kimanuka and Birindwa Makombe, show the great potential we have at home. 21-year old Yannick won the Anzisha Prize, a prize awarded by the African Leadership Academy (ALA) and Mastercard Foundation for her tireless commitment to her community. Yannick is the founder of the KIM’s School Complex, a nursery and primary school which aims to improve how children perform academically in her community in North Kivu. Birindwa founder of  the SACPA, a start-up that produces biodegradable packaging made from banana leaves won the African Rethink Award 2019 in Abidjan. They are the examples of Congolese excellence that make us proud to be Congolese. Not only because they have won prizes and recognition for their work abroad, but because they have created businesses that do not only create sustainable value for themselves but for their society and environment respectively. What the Congolese Diaspora Impact Summit, Yannick and Birindwa exemplify is the very essence of #CongoExcellence: We are all are able to produce excellence for Congo – This is our strongest belief! We want to make sure that every Congolese -whether they are in Beijing, Brussels, Kaziba, Atlanta, Sydney, Vancouver, N’jili, Abidjan, or the countless other places- no matter their socio-economic status, is given the opportunity to contribute.

I can confidently say that we are all agents of change if given the right tools and space to do so. And that is what we are here to give. Whether you want to help change the narrative about Congo, build or optimize your business’ societal impact, connect with other Congolese, or learn more about Congo – continue following us as we will introduce you to multiple platforms,  that we have been working on for some time now, to further transform Congo to the level of excellence it is capable of in the coming months. Be part of the experiences we have lined up, so we can work together on Congo’s transformation to excellence.

As the great late Lumumba said “The Congo is big it demands of us greatness”; let’s tap into the promise of our country’s excellence.

C. Jenny Mushegera

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