Our Vision & Mission

#CongoExcellence aims to be a facilitative platform for collaboration and unity in youth collectives that will elevate the national economic growth and living experience, whilst simultaneously sustaining this growth for future generations to come.

#CongoExcellence recognizes the potential today’s youth has, regardless of their socio-economic status and location, in positively transforming societies, by being agents of change once given the right tools and space to do so. Through different programs and projects, #CongoExcellence consults, empowers, connects and educates young Congolese about their ability to contribute to the socio-economic development of Congo through their day to day work, business ideas, interests, passions and talents, by redefining capital, social and environmental values for Congo’s current and next generations.

#CongoExcellence’s work is guided by FUBUTU – For Us, By Us, Through Us. #CongoExcellence will create spaces where young Congolese can create and implement strategies that offer access and opportunities For Us Congolese. These strategies will aim at serving the majority of Congolese in order to create value, impact, change and transformation for society. By Us, equally means that Congolese recognize individual agency, capacity and capability in creating value, impacting, changing and transforming the Congo. Finally, Through Us appeals to the factor of unity amongst the Congolese community, and reflects the importance of cooperation amongst us, and recognizes that we as Congolese are partners in development and not competitors in opportunity. #CongoExcellence is guided by FUBUTU – For Us, By Us, Through Us. Which means that

#CongoExcellence will have different projects, which will address Congolese, at their different stages in lives and on all levels of society. In order for our vision to be achieved, in terms of success, sustainability and effective transformation, it is important to consult, educate, connect and empower the agency, the confidence and self-esteem of individuals and the nation. Socio-economic development is not only possible through the creation and supply of opportunities, but also through the transformation of mindsets and mentalities. Therefore, one of #CongoExcellence’s key missions is to change the narrative of the Congo by showcasing the stories of Congo which mainstream media rarely shares.