Independence Challenge 2020

Tuesday 30 June 2020 will mark 60 years of Congolese Independence and 40 years away from celebrating 100 years of independence. With this on the horizon, #CongoExcellence is promoting the #IndependenceChallenge2020 to celebrate, reflect and explore reality and imagination through time – past, present and future. As the Congolese community gears for Independence celebrations, #CongoExcellence wants to use the #IndependenceChallenge2020 as a way to creatively imagine and shape our realities.

Our #IndependenceChallenge2020 calls all Congolese to share a creative piece that speaks their truth to the question:

              “What do 60 years of independence mean to you and how do you want it to look like in 2060?”

Are you a dancer, a sculptor, a poet-storyteller, a photographer, a musician, a painter, an actor, or someone who has been looking for an opportunity to creatively express yourself? Then this is for you.

#CongoExcellence will share the diverse creative voices on our website and online platforms, to reflect as a community on the importance and meaning of independence in the past and where we see ourselves as a people once we celebrate 100 years of independence. This will also inspire and encourage others to explore their creative abilities. 

Guideline & Conditions:

  • You must be of Congolese descent. 
  • All Submission must have an Artist Statement (150 words maximum) in French or English describing what inspired the creative product and the work the artist does generally
  • Include your Artist Name & Full Name (Tell us which you prefer to use publicly)
  • Poem / Story (a piece of 2 pages maximum)
  • Visual Photography (2 images maximum)
  • Video / Audio (2 minutes maximum)
  • Share your online and social media details
  • Consent to your work being publicised on our online platform for the purpose of #IndependenceChallenge2020

How to Submit

  • Via Email: (Subject Line: #IndependenceChallenge2020Submission)