Julia Moro

#CongoExcellence Head of Marketing and Social Media

I was born and raised near Stuttgart, in Germany. My parents both come from Kasaï. After middle school, I went to an economics school, where I did my Abitur (German high school degree) in Tübingen. During my time there, I did not only discover my joy in debating (I joined the debating club, with which I’ve won several prizes) but I also got interested in cultural studies as well as intercultural communication and business. After school, I moved to Gießen near Frankfurt to study Modern Languages, – Cultures and Business Administration. After my semester abroad in Lille (France), where I did not deepen my interest in intercultural business but also started to learn Portuguese, finished my Bachelor’s Degree in 2017 and am currently doing my Master’s in the same field, focusing on linguistics, intercultural and corporate communication as well as on entrepreneurship. Shortly after I started my Master’s I began to work as an Content Management Assistant for an online jeweler. Apart from that, I have already done an intercultural sensitization for a German company who wanted to work with a company in Brazil.