Yasmine Kafarhire

#CongoExcellence Deputy Content Director

My name is Yasmine Kafarhire, I was born in Bukavu in DRC and I am currently living in the United Kingdom. I attended the Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University where I obtained a BSc honours degree in Food Sciences and Nutrition. I am currently working as a dairy technologist at Muller Milk and Ingredients. As a food technologist,  I work to help develop healthy, safe, and convenient food products by developing better methods of food preservation, processing and packaging procedures, better storage and delivery processes. All these, through production planning, market and consumer research, and financial management. I am also trained to conduct  research in harmful food additives and develop substitutes in order to make sure foods are safer and healthier.

As a Congolese, I always believed that investing in our agriculture and creating our own industrial food companies will be of great contribution towards a better future. Agriculture forms a significant share of the economies of all African countries. As a sector, it can therefore contribute towards major priorities in Congo such as growth in industrialisation and economic diversification, boosting of international trade and investments, eradication of poverty and malnourishment, while creating jobs, human security and communal prosperity.